RiverTracks offers a lifeline to marginalised and socially disadvantaged young people by connecting them to community and opportunities that create hope and pathways for a better future.

Our goal is to emulate the innovative approach to working with young people established by BackTrack in Armidale.  BackTrack is a centre of excellence for working with disengaged young people to enable them to achieve full potential in their lives and have a positive impact in the communities they live in.

To achieve this, we are building partnerships and relationships within the local community as well as with youth & family organisations who work with disengaged and vulnerable young people across the Tweed Valley region of northern NSW.

Those who benefit the most from our program include young people and families who are socially disadvantaged, marginalised, Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse, and those living with mental illness or trauma.

Our Approach


Through a participatory community development approach, RiverTracks prioritises empowering young people and meeting them where they’re at. We provide a supportive community and opportunities to explore with young people to then co-create and develop the program hand-in-hand with the young people involved.

By working with young people in this way the RiverTracks program will establish a caring culture of learning, respect, creativity and trust between the young people, the support workers and the community. All of our program works to cultivate Mastery of skills, Independence, Belonging in the community and Generosity through giving back to the community within our participants. 

Practice Principles


Integrity – we do what we say we do.

Connection – we listen, are respectful and non-judgmental.

Skill – our workers, mentors and volunteers are well trained.

Focus – it’s all about the young people.

Strength – we support young people to find their strengths, use them, master them and celebrate them.

Creativity – we go with the flow, are flexible and able to adapt & change.

Reflection – we are all about continuous improvement, learning and understanding.