Other Ways to Support Us

With your time, skills and expertise

Above all, we believe the success of our program rests on our ability to work together as a broader community to create collaborative opportunities for young people at risk.

There are many non-financial ways that you can get behind this project by helping us with your time, assets and with use of your land. We warmly welcome committed volunteers who believe in this project and are wanting to make a long term contribution and be part of our family-like culture.

If you are from an organisation that may be able to assist our team and program with activities or training for our young people and or staff, contacts, mentoring, resource sharing or just some advice please get in touch.

Here is a list of some ideas, please feel free to add more!

  • Landholders who would be open to us collaborating with them in growing food, harvesting your crop, labour for training, having a camp out, etc.
  • A bicycle mechanic who can teach us how to fix bikes for the rail trail.
  • Elders! We feel that mature age people can give massive amounts of skill and craft knowledge to our young people, ie. woodwork, carving, leather work, mechanics, welding, animal husbandry.
  • Skilled dog trainers who can commit to one afternoon per week to assist in the training of our dogs to ensure they are in the best position to help our kids on their journey.
  • Tradesmen for weekend and weekday workshops, specialising in; mechanics, carpentry, landscaping, welding, metal fabrication and aluminum fabrication.
  • Bus Drivers to help get our kids to the program and back home again.

Non-monetary Donations

You may have things lying around your place that you don’t use anymore that we would put to good use!

Here is a list of ideas, but if you have other ideas, please get in touch.

  • Yard Work gear for our social enterprise: lawn mowers, ride ons, blowers, pressure cleaners, whipper snippers, window cleaners, safety gear. 
  • Building materials; Trades tools: from spanners to power tools for our workshop.
  • Internet, Phone, Computers, IT equipment

  • Fuel Cards and vouchers for relevant shops

  • Adventure gear; water craft; ropes and climbing gear, bicycles, etc.

  • Camping gear; swags; tarps; water containers; etc

  • Food donations of prepared food for us to use for breakfast, lunch or on overnight camps.

  • Work clothes e.g. boots, hats, gloves, belts, socks etc

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