Mission and Vision

We envision a world where vulnerable young people are empowered with opportunities for belonging, and the skills to find their individual purpose.

Our purpose is to co-create a safe, supportive and inclusive community with young people that provides belonging, life skills and work pathways.

Our Goals

  • Engage young people at risk in long term programs that offer personal and professional growth and realistic work pathways.  We aim to do this by developing spaces and training staff and volunteers that are able to support the needs of the young people in our programs. 

  • To create opportunities for young people at risk to build practical skills, build more inclusive communities that foster belonging, re-connect young people to the local community and culture. 

  • To connect young people at risk to ongoing healthy friendship, mentor and surrogate family relationships. 

  • To involve young people in planning and decision making.

  • To work in a way that is inclusive, flexible, supportive, patient and full of unconditional love.

  • To take responsibility for our actions and be accountable for the consequences. 

  • To grow long term relationships with community, business and government to invest in the thriving community that is RiverTracks.