RiverTracks Referral Process

Before making a referral please read our Referral Information Pack linked here. You can also read more the RiverTracks Program and our model here.

  1. If you know a young person who you think could benefit from the program please start by giving Ahri a call on 0493 206 791 to ask any questions and discuss the referral or you can go straight to our Expression of Interest Form linked here. 
  2. The RiverTracks team will consider EOIs according to our selection criteria.
  3. The RiverTracks team will make contact with referrers of young people who are selected as potential program participants to ask and answer any questions arising.
  4. The RiverTracks youth worker will call the young person to speak with them and arrange to meet with them and the referrer if the young person would like them to attend. 
  5. At the meeting the young person will be given more information about the RiverTracks program, how it operates and the opportunities it would offer. We will explain how RiverTracks would fit in as part of their education and how their continual attendance at school when not working with RiverTracks is encouraged.  The young person will then be asked whether they want to be involved in RiverTracks or whether they need more time to decide.  
  6. If the young person wants to take part in the program they will be given an intake form to complete with their parent/carer. If there are any issues inhibiting their selection for the program or questions arising from the intake form referrers will receive contact from RiverTracks.
  7. RiverTracks will confirm the participants’ invitation to be part of the program with phone calls to the young person, parents and the referral maker.