RiverTracks Inc. Program Prospectus

Beginning in August last year the Tweed Valley community has been exploring how it can do a better job supporting young people at risk to find their way towards safety, belonging and well being in life.

This journey has taken us through a community engagement process that confirmed the need for more holistic, collaborative, flexible and permanent programs for young people at risk.

The result has been the birth of RiverTracks, an organisation with the purpose to co-create a safe, supportive and inclusive community with young people that provides belonging, life skills and work pathways.

RiverTracks is getting ready to start work engaging the disengaged youth in our community by starting a program 1-2 days per week for eight to ten 13-16-year-old boys in Murwillumbah. The program will be focused on building relationships, exploring skills interests and providing a variety of training courses in partnerships with other organisations that give participants qualifications and skills.

We have been so fortunate to have had the energy of our volunteers who have worked hard
setting up RiverTracks and developing this program concept. We are now ready to check that
this plan will be of value to the community before we go any further.

Please read through this proposal and consider how it can be improved and or developed further to help young people at risk in our region.

Once our program has been further developed through this final phase of consultation we will call upon our supporters and partners to put this train on the tracks!

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